The national campaign team is happy to provide your community with an electronic data entry form and a secure data system that will capture individual, line-by-line data of survey respondents and also aggregate dashboards that will provide a portrait of the data collected during your Registry Week.

The electronic data entry form will mirror the paper version of the VI-SPDAT that you will use in your community. This database is not designed to replace any existing data systems you have in place.

  1. In order for the campaign team to have the data entry form and database read for your Registry Week, you will need to submit any additional questions you would like to add to the standard VI-SPDAT form two full business weeks prior to your Registry Week
  2. You will also need to submit a list of names and email addresses of the people who should have access to the database
  3. For data entry, you will need both volunteers and computers. A computer-training lab is ideal for this portion of your Registry Week.
  4. Community Solutions will send you a link to your electronic data entry form. You can share this link with all of your data entry volunteers. Please note that although volunteers will have access to this form, they will not be able to see the database where individual survey data is stored.
  5. Please see below for screenshots of the electronic data entry form and the dashboards

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